Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is A Poltergeist Controlling Your E-Mail Account?

 I was really surprised a few weeks ago when I received an e-mail from a friend of mine that contained a link to Canada Pharmacy to buy Viagra and Cialis. “Did you really send this to me?” I asked her in a return e-mail. “Or did someone hack into your e-mail?”

Not surprisingly, a day later, I received a group e-mail that said, “Friends, someone [not her] is using my e-mail for nasty purposes.” I wasn’t at all surprised.

A couple of months ago, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance of mine stating that while traveling in India, her wallet and passport had been stolen. Would I please send her money right away so that she could come home? Since I hardly know her, I was somewhat annoyed by this until I read in the newspaper that this is a current scam making the rounds. This woman most likely didn’t send the message and would be mortified if she knew that it had been sent in her name.

We’ve all received communications from the ubiquitous Nigerian Prince stating that if we’d just send our passport numbers, they would send the five million dollar inheritance to which we were entitled forthwith. I think he’s given up on us as I haven’t heard from him in years. Even a cat has only nine lives so I guess there were only so many times that the Nigerian Prince could die (depending on your religious beliefs about death.)

All this leads me to say that if you receive an e-mail message that sounds preposterous, the Nigerian Prince who’s had so many rebirths probably sent it. Technology is great, but it also provides yet another opportunity for us to treat each other abominably. We have to be really careful how we use it.

This subject can be really upsetting. I sometimes wonder if anyone has hacked into my e-mail and sent out insulting messages to my friends. Well, if you get any from me, ask me if I really sent it. Well, if you get any from me, ask me if I really sent it first. Let me apologize in advance if my poltergeist hurts your feelings.

 With all these computer capers, I’m all wound up. It’s time for some comfort food. Here’s an easy chicken recipe that can be prepared in 10 to 15 minutes. It will give you time to make amends for all the fake messages sent in your name.

                                                          Sesame-Soy Chicken
One whole chicken cut up
Soy sauce
Lemon juice
Ginger powder
Garlic powder
Sesame seeds

The second through sixth ingredients are to taste.

1.Preheat the oven to 350 fahrenheit.
2.Clean the chicken and place skin side up in a baking pan.
3.Sprinkle ingredients two through six on the chicken and bake for about an hour or until skin becomes crispy.   


susieO said...

I love the idea for this blog.

I think I would really like this recipe, alas I don't cook much (it's a long story). I do hope to get things together and get back to it soon though, so I've definitely bookmarked your blog for future reference. Thanks.

Lisa Sachs said...

Thanks, Susie O. The whole idea of my blog is that the recipes are all easy - 20 minutes or less preparation time. If you decide to cook again, you may want to look at the other recipes as well.